VR Shooter (PlayStation VR)

OnslaughterPlayStation VR | Position: Designer
Production time: 6 months, Team size: 3 

Onslaughter is a VR FPS tower defense game. The goal is to destroy each wave of enemies and flight against the giant robot. Players are able to move and turn their  head to aim and shoot where they are looking at. At the same time, players can tilt the shield to block enemy’s attack.

Onslaughter_SS2Different from the other PlayStation VR project Brilliancy, Onslaughter is a fast pacing gameplay experience with lots of actions and movements. Creating an unique game experience that can be enhanced by VR technology is one of our mission, therefore we separated the weapon and shield to PS4 controller and VR headset. In addition, playing around objects of different sizes surrounding d players in VR offers players incredible feeling which can not be experienced in traditional video games.


For the further information of this project, please feel free to contact me.


  • Developed navigation mechanics and gameplay systems that prevented nausea on Sony’s VR headset.
  • Created one page design documents to explain unique VR puzzle mechanics for clients and designed 50+ levels.
  • Deconstructed and analyzed VR game mechanics, levels, and gameplay created by other studios.
  • Worked with game director to refine game mechanics, background story, and puzzle systems.
  • Collaborated closely with programmers to develop game mechanics and tools for designers and artists.

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