VR Puzzle (PlayStation VR)

Brilliancy PlayStation VR | Position: Designer
Production time: 6 months, Team size: 3 

“Brilliancy” is a VR puzzle game that I created at PlayStation. The goal was to solve puzzle by aligning the sun and position shadow shapes correctly. By  playing around the light and shadow, players need to stay on a platform called “Sun Spot” in the game, then they are able to position the sun by tilting the PS4 controller.

The objective of this project was to create a game demo with a free roaming navigation system that does not make players feel nauseous. We’ve tested many control systems and different kinds of navigation systems, such as teleporting, point to point teleporting, traditional FPS control, climbing movement, moving on a trail, etc. After all the navigation experiments, we decided to adopt FPS moving, but with snapping rotation and drafting. In this version, players are able to look straight down in the demo to access an UI menu on which you can switch the control schemes. We also made some presets for players to try.


On the other hand, we tried to find a gameplay experience that can only be delivered in PlayStation VR. Puzzle game is one of the genres which is not easy to be seen in earlier demos or games. It is a great type of game that can offer immersive experience. Position tracking puzzle game device, especially, provides players advanced experience.


For the further information of this project, please feel free to contact me.


  • Developed navigation mechanics and gameplay systems that prevent nausea on Sony’s VR headset.
  • Created one page design documents to explain unique VR puzzle mechanics for clients and designed 50+ levels.
  • Deconstructed and analyzed VR game mechanics, levels, and gameplay created by other studios.
  • Worked with game director to refine game mechanics, background story, and puzzle systems.
  • Collaborated closely with programmers to develop game mechanics and tools for designers and artists.

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