BattleChips CastAR + Tangible | Position: Designer
Production time: 2 weeks, Team size: 3

BattleChips is one of projects that I worked at CastAR. The idea was that a game can be played by 2 players with tangible objects in the same place. In this game, the tangible objects are poker chips with April tags, so the camera can track the poker chips and display the virtual content at poke chips location. We throw these poker chips on the table and each poker chip summons numbers of units on the table that players can see via CastAR headset. Where those numbers of units are spawned depends on where the poker chip lands. Once the units are spawned, those will automatically move to the opponent’s tower and attack.

My contribution to this project:
Created game design document, detailed rules and mechanic.
Created and implemented UI and art asset to Unity.
Performed playtest and recorded players feedback.

Game Design Document:
Rather than creating a complex design document of many pages that no one is going to read it all, I prefer to use infographic design document which is easier to communicate with the team and also more understandable. Please feel free to check my other infographic design documents here.

Playtest Videos:

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