Candy Crush Soda Saga

Senior Content Designer ∙ Match-3 Puzzle Game ∙ King

I’m fortunate to work on a well-known worldwide mobile game IP, the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga comes Candy Crush Soda Saga in the Sweden Stockholm office Unique candies. More divine matching combinations, and challenging game modes brimming with purple soda and fun!

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Diamond Quest!

Game Designer ∙ RPG Match-3 Adventure ∙ Storm8

A Match-3 / RPG adventure game from Storm8, the makers of Jewel Mania, Candy Blast, and Bubble Mania. In Diamond Quest, players explore a rich fantasy world populated by cute and collectible Puzzle Pals. Presented with a linear series of levels via a classic Saga map, players play puzzles to unlock and free trapped Puzzle Pals, while the Trickster Lucien terrorizes the land. In each level, players will encounter a series of Monsters that they must attack by activating their Puzzle Pals or breaking past a Mystical Gate, with a series of task requirements to pass the challenge.

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Battle Arena Card Project

Grid Gladiator ∙ CastAR (Tilt Five)

This is a project that I worked on at CastAR back in 2016. This one-page design document tells the high-level concept of a PVP game idea that includes game mechanics, based rules, goals, and basic combat setting. When I was working on this project, I was inspired by a couple of games, such as Archon, Chess, Street Fighter, Duelyst, etc. Consequently, the concept is a design game that combines brawler and strategy elements.

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Multiplayer App (One Page)

Concept of Multiplayer ∙ CastAR (Tilt Five)

This document was created when I worked at CastAR. The purpose of creating this design document is to give the development team a rough idea of how the multiplayer App works and the game flow. Social games and multiplayer games are considered as part of key success factors for Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. This is also the part that Virtual Reality cannot really reach.

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AR Mario (AR Platformer)

Game Designer ∙ AR Platformer ∙ CastAR (Tilt Five)

This project has been one of my favorite projects since I worked at CastAR. As a Game Designer in the R&D Department, we needed to discover the uniqueness of the CastAR platform, then build experience based on it. After nearly a month-long design discussion and development process, I have made a Super Mario-like platformer game in Unity3D.

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BattleChips (AR Clash Royale)

Game Designer ∙ AR Clash Royale ∙ CastAR (Tilt Five)

BattleChip is a Clash Royale-style game that I worked on at CastAR. It is a competitive game that allows two players to summon army units on the battlefield by physically throwing poker chips with AprilTag on the gameboard. The soldiers the player summoned move forward consistently until they hit any enemies or the opponent’s towers and damage them. The player can cast the spell Fireball Magic by throwing a special poker chip on the battlefield to do massive damage to the opponent’s units.

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Anamorphosis (Indie)

Designer & Developer ∙ Optical Puzzle Game ∙ PC

Anamorphosis is an optical illusion puzzle game I created in Unity3D during my leisure time. The core concept is transforming a type of art called anamorphic art into a core game mechanic. You may see this type of art before, a distorted projection requiring viewers to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. The distorted image can be anywhere on the ground, wall, or multiple surfaces.

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