Battle Arena Card Project

Grid Gladiator ∙ CastAR (Tilt Five)

This is a project that I worked on at CastAR back in 2016. This one-page design document tells the high-level concept of a PVP game idea that includes game mechanics, based rules, goals, and basic combat setting. When I was working on this project, I was inspired by a couple of games, such as Archon, Chess, Street Fighter, Duelyst, etc. Consequently, the concept is a design game that combines brawler and strategy elements.

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Multiplayer App (One Page)

Concept of Multiplayer ∙ CastAR (Tilt Five)

This document was created when I worked at CastAR. The purpose of creating this design document is to give the development team a rough idea of how the multiplayer App works and the game flow. Social games and multiplayer games are considered as part of key success factors for Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. This is also the part that Virtual Reality cannot really reach.

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