Multiplayer App | One Page Design

Concept of Multiplayer | Platform: CastAR

This document was created when I worked at CastAR. The purpose of creating this design document is to give development team a rough idea of how multiplayer App works and the game flow. Social games and multiplayer games are considered as part of key success factors for Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. This is also the part that Virtual Reality cannot really reach.

Sessions in the Document:

  • Game Mode: Different types of gameplay modes, such as Deathmatch, team vs team, 1 vs more, or Co-op.
  • Theme & Style: Reference pictures that show the potential style and how the game will look like in the future.
  • Player’s CastAR Screen: The rough layout and game flow on CastAR system.
  • Connect with Friend: The rough game flow of inviting friends to play together.
  • Navigation: How players navigate through different game mode.

Concept of Multiplay

NOTE: All the pictures are used as reference, not for the real products in the CastAR system.