PVP Game | One Page Design

Grid Gladiatora | Platform: CastAR

This is a project that I worked on at CastAR back to 2016. This one page design document tells the high-level concept of a PVP game idea that includes game mechanic, based rules, goal, and basic combat setting. When I was working on this project, I was inspired by a couple of games, such as Archon, Chess, Street Fighter, Duelyst, etc. Consequently, the concept is a design game which combines brawler and strategy elements.

Sessions in the Document:

  • Goal: The winning and losing condition of the game.
  • Movement: The rule of general character movement and the related information.
  • Capture: The basic rule tells how players gain another characters in the game.
  • Setup: The information of the beginning of the game that players need to know.
  • Turn Based Action: The overall game flow and actions.
  • Character: Detailed information of the characters that players interact with in the game.
  • Mana Power: The rule of mana power in the game, including how to gain and lose.

Dev Project 01_Rulesbook_v.05NOTE: The pixel characters in the document are from Duelyst, not created by castAR team.